• Peggy Farmer

Wedding coaching enhances compassionate communication

There are many benefits to coaching that millions around the globe have enjoyed. A new theme emerging in the world of coaching is the idea of a wedding coach. The wedding coach serves as a guide to deepen the level of communication between the couple and assists in framing the ceremony with a clear purpose so that the couple will arrive at the desired destination.

At Amethyst Falls, you can receive wedding coaching before and after the ceremony

Imagine co-creating your wedding ceremony with a coach who can give voice to your shared vision in a way that plays to your strengths and captures the essence of your soulful connection. Coaches often assist their coachees with confidence, vision, trust building and tools to manage and transform anxiety into action. Many coaches are also therapists, counselors, or have similar backgrounds that allow them to bring more skills, tools and support to the conversation.

Historically, communication has been one the most important features in a healthy, loving, co-committed relationship. Wedding coaches delve into the value and purpose of compassionate communication that underscores the benefits of assertive communication. By gleaning these skills and tools, couples can effectively manage their communication over the course of their relationship long into the future.

Assertive communication skills are vital for a happy, long-lasting mariage

Another facet of great communication is the capacity to manage expectations. We often feel frustrated when people don’t meet our expectations and over the years, I have coached many couples to realize that many of our expectations are unspoken and therefore we expect our partners to read our minds which sets everyone up for disappointment.

A simple remedy is to express your desires and your partner may or may not be able to accommodate your request but you will feel more empowered to express your truth.

At Amethyst Falls Weddings, we have 30+ years of experience coaching couples who are about to get married. To learn more about wedding coaching and how it can help you, get in touch!


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