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Our Story

Where the ceremony takes the center stage

Amethyst Falls Weddings was founded on the premise that weddings are ceremony centric and focused on the joyful connection between the couple. Micro and small weddings and elopements allow couples to savor the experience of their magical nuptials in an environment that fosters peace and relaxation. Over the years we have observed the stress and expense that many couples experience while planning their weddings and we felt it would be helpful to provide a stress free alternative with a focus on sustainability and simplicity. 


By providing a small venue for intimate weddings, our couples can experience a peaceful and romantic setting that allows them to unwind and truly enjoy their wedding. We are committed to being sustainable partners with Mother Earth and we have organic gardens featuring fruit trees, nut trees, herbs, flowers and vegetables.


We use all natural cleaning products in Dreamcatcher Lodge and all natural laundry detergent for folks that might be chemically sensitive. Another facet of our story is that we welcome all souls here and have had the pleasure of working internationally. We welcome LGBTQ couples with open arms and accommodate a variety of faiths because we believe that LOVE is the path. 


You will find signs throughout the property that are touchstones of transformation, like "Follow your Bliss" or "Peace is the Path" and "Love is the Way".  The entire property has been designed to inspire peace and tranquility as well as contemplation and rejuvenation!    

Peggy Farmer, Ph.D.

Peggy Farmer is an experienced ordained minister and wedding officiant who has had the pleasure of performing wedding ceremonies near and far for over 15 years.  She combines her expertise in coaching and counseling to soothe couples during the entire wedding process and provides innovative, creative options for couples to navigate their ceremony with ease and grace.


She is the author of "Exploratory Surgery of the Soul, A Journey to Self Mastery" and has created a soothing guided meditation CD, "Letting Go".  You can find more about Peggy at 

Why Choose Us?

Celebrate Good Times

Amethyst Falls Weddings has been involved in some of the most beautiful celebrations in the Asheville area. Our unique venue affords couples the opportunity  to be creative participants in planning their perfect small weddings, re-commitment ceremonies and elopements. We always make sure to provide our guests with the best services, offering a variety of customizable packages and design options.

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